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Tobacco Cessation Classes
08/09/2012 - 09/13/2012 
Wellness Center Classroom - Marysville
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All classes meet on Thursday nights at 4:30pm at Memorial Hospital of Union County. Please call the Health Center at 578-2580 to register. Classes are subject to change so please call ahead of time to verify class time and location.

The Freedom From Smoking program is a national program designed to help you quit smoking and get the support you need to live a smoke free lifestyle. The program curriculum is as follows:

Session 1: Thinking about quitting Even if you are not sure that you are ready to quit come to session #1 and find out. We will talk about the Three-Link Chain of Addiction, benefits of quitting and what is holding us back from quitting. Hopefully this will allow you to gather enough information to help you decide if you are ready to quit.

Session 2: On the Road to Freedom This session will focus on our triggers and coping mechanisms. A lot of us use smoking as a way to manage stress. We will provide the tools necessary to help you be better equipped to manage stress without reaching for a cigarette. We will also assess nicotine dependence and talk about cessation medications.

Session 3: Wanting to Quit We will talk about your quit plan, how to get social support and relapse prevention

Session 4: Quit Day The goal is to make this your quit day.

Session 5: Winning Strategies/48-hour report This session will take place 48 hours after you quit and will either take place in person or by phone.

Session 6: The New You We will talk about healthy lifestyle changes such as weight management and staying smoke-free.

Session 7: Staying Off and Celebration We will introduce exercise and how to get back to doing the activities that you used to enjoy in order to be more physically active. We celebrate the new you as a nonsmoker.


Wellness Center Classroom
500 London Avenue


The Wellness Center Classroom is located next to the Wellness Center office, down the small hall way.

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