The Board of Trustees for Memorial Hospital approved the purchase of the Marysville Ohio Surgical Center (MOSC) business assets at its meeting last night with plans to continue operating it as an outpatient surgical center. A final price tag will be determined upon third-party appraisal of the full book of assets. The board of MOSC approved the proposal for purchase at an earlier meeting.

April 24 Event at Bunsold Middle School to Feature Comedienne Kerri Pomarolli

Good Food, Good Mood” is the health focus for the sixth annual Memorial Health Women’s Event. Clinical team members and food experts will provide information about food fads, meal prepping, ways to improve eating on the go, food safety, and more.

betzREVPhysician Assistant Danielle Betz has joined Memorial Primary Care in Urbana. She collaborates with Doctors John Crankshaw, Joseph Metz, and Steven Polsley to provide patient care services that include conducting patient histories and exams, ordering and interpreting lab tests, writing orders, and prescribing medication.

Advanced digital imaging technologies available at the new Memorial City Gate Medical Center will include Open MRI (open Magnetic Resonance Imaging). This state-of-the-art imaging equipment creates detailed images of internal bodily structures without the use of radiation, instead using a powerful magnet and a computer.

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